Security and Monitoring

Network Security

The WiFi Group has relationships with key manufacturers to deliver the best security solutions for its customers. Our relationships with Palo Alto Networks and Network Instruments help to provide a wide array of solutions in helping our customers ensure the security of their wired and wireless networks.

The need to secure networks from external and internal threats has never been greater.  The WiFi Group has built relationships to provide customers with an impressive array of choices that provide security at a high level and for a competitive price.


For wireless monitoring, we highly recommend using Aruba Networks AirWave.  AirWave is vendor agnostic and will work with all of the major wireless manufacturers. 

In addition to AirWave, the WiFi Group is proud to recommend Network Monitoring solutions from our Partner: Network Instruments.

From the ability to peel back the layers and determine what is going on in your network to being able to do a post incident forensic analysis, the protocol analyzers of today can assist companies in many ways. The WiFi Group has long partnered with Network Instruments to provide the best solutions for protocol analysis.

Network Instruments products include portable analyzers, traditional probes, Test Access Points (TAPs) and data- mining (Retrospective Network Analysis) appliances that are able to work with many technologies including Ethernet, Fiber, WAN, Wireless, VoIP, T1/E1/DS3, OC3 and OC12 solutions.

Think of the Network Instruments solution as a "black box" or "Tivo" for your network, meaning that you can go back in time and determine the root cause of the network problem by reviewing the packet flows as they traversed your network.