The WiFi Group goes to China

We just returned from a two week engagement in Shenzhen, China for one of our clients.  As you can imagine, the logistics of moving our equipment was a bit of a challenge, but we are happy to say everything we shipped made it one piece.  Working behind the Great Firewall of China was another challenge that we had to overcome.  Unfortunately, we are unable to share any photos due to NDA requirements.  It was an interesting/educational engagement for us, getting a chance to see end-user behavior on the other side of the world.  We deployed close to 100 Aruba Networks 802.11ac access points including the AP-275 outdoor access point, which was perfect for the rainy weather that we experienced.

We don't have much time to rest, heading out again in a few weeks for our next conference, luckily it's in the United States so no major logistic issues!

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