WildFire by Palo Alto Networks

I absolutely love Palo Alto Networks WildFire feature for a couple of reasons:

  1. For customers who are testing out a Palo Alto Networks firewall in a proof of concept setting using a spanned port, it gives them an easy to use intuitive interface for seeing what executables are getting into their network and bypassing their current firewall.
  2. For existing Palo Alto Customers, WildFire helps IT by letting them know what malware is getting past their firewall policies and who the victim of the malware is...making it easier to cleanup and stop from happening again.
  3. WildFire shows all of the major antivirus vendors and whether or not they have coverage for the malware/virus.

I am amazed when I look at the WildFire reports at the number of antivirus vendors that do not have coverage for a specific virus/malware.  Take a look below at one example I recently received from a Palo Alto firewall at a customer's location.

Antivirus Coverage