How to rename an Aruba AP Group

Recently I ran into a situation where I needed to change the name of the AP Group on the Aruba controller. The only way I have been able to find to do that is via the CLI.

  1. SSH to the Aruba controller
  2. Config t to get into enable mode
  3. Do a show run and copy the contents of the output to a text file, so you have a good backup…just in case.
  4. Enter the name of the new group you want. In the example below I created a group called Test4
    (Aruba620) (config) #ap-group test4
  5. Now you should be in the new group name
    (Aruba620) (AP group "test4") #
  6. Now clone the existing group, in my example I cloned a group called stgroup
    (Aruba620) (AP group "test4") #clone stgroup
  7. Now flip back to the GUI and you will see a new group name. (Configuration-->AP Configuration)
  8. Now you have to provision the AP’s in the new group.  (Configuration-->AP Installation).  When you provision you can change the names of the AP to your liking.  Just scroll to the bottom of the provisioning page to change the AP name and SNMP System location. 

  9. Click Apply and Reboot and the AP’s should now come back up in the new group you created.
  10. After you verify that everything is working with the AP’s in the new group you can delete the old group name, I would wait a few days after making the change to delete the old group.  Note:  You can’t delete the group until all of the AP’s are out of the group.

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