Aruba Campus APs: To which am I connected?

Ever wanted to confirm that a specific AP is properly participating in the air?  Or needed to determine which specific AP your mobile device is connecting to?

There’s the “low tech” method... take the device, touch it to the AP, and if the “signal strength” reaches “Excellent” (or dBm is better than -40), then that’s probably your AP, and it is probably functioning just fine.

But, there’s a better way to verify, by comparing BSSIDs.  With a mobile device and a wifi analyzer app, you can see which BSSIDs are nearby / connected to you, and compare that with the Controller.

In this example, I’m using an Android device (Droid RAZR MAXX) with the free Android Play Store app “Wifi Analyzer by Farproc” (author: Kevin Yuan).


In the GUI, go to Monitoring > Controller > Access Points.  Select the AP of interest, then click the “Overview” button.

The next page will reveal the BSSIDs of the Radios.  Compare with the BSSIDs showing on your mobile device’s wifi analysis app.

OR, you can get the same info from the CLI.  From the Enable prompt, enter the command:  

show ap bss-table


Mobile Device

With an adequate WiFi analysis tool, you should be able to see the SSIDs in the air, and the BSSIDs that are broadcasting them.

(In this example, it only sees the BSSID for the 80211b/g Radio, as my device is only 2.4GHz capable.)


Here’s another view in the analysis tool.

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