The Aruba 7005 Controller is here

After waiting for the past few weeks, our Aruba 7005 Cloud Services Controller finally arrived.  It was smaller than I thought, but don't let the size deceive you.  This baby packs a punch and looks to be a worthy upgrade over the aging 600 series controller we are replacing.

Sorry for the less than perfect photos, the camera on my phone is less than ideal.

Setup of the new controller was a breeze through the supplied micro-usb console cable.  More than likely you will need the drivers  on your PC to make the console cable recognized, so head over to the Aruba Support site and download the drivers.

The code shipped on the 7005 is the latest and greatest 6.4.x code, so make sure if you have existing AP's that they are supported in the 6.4.x code.  Here is the link to the End of Life list showing the last supported version of AOS for your AP's.

One thing that we missed when ordering the 7005 controller was an AC power cord, the controller is able to pull power from a PoE switch to operate so it wasn't a big deal but we were kind of surprised not to see a power supply included with the controller.  Not a big deal for us, but if you don't have available PoE in your rack then you will need the AC adapter.

We've been running 6.4.x on our demo Aruba Instants for the past couple of weeks and the controller version of 6.4 is pretty much identical in look & feel.  Overall we are very pleased with the Aruba 7005 Cloud Services Controller and expect to have a long happy relationship with it.

The only thing that I wish it had was PoE out capable ports on the front, like the 600 series.  We have some smaller customers who utilize the PoE out ports on their existing 600 series to power their AP's.   I guess we'll be going to them and suggesting they get the Aruba S1500 switch to provide the PoE for their AP's...which isn't necessarily a bad thing, the Aruba switches have turned out to be good reliable switches with an attractive price point.